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They have repeatedly demonstrated their weirdness to the world. And, trying to keep with this theme of choosing the worst doable names for kids, we at MomJunction have compiled a listing of sixty seven worst baby names for girls and boys.

May perhaps 20th, 2010 at eight:fifty three am @ Sellons- I have bevef liked Emily both. I believe The explanation for me is for the reason that thr was a girl in 4th grade named that and he or she was a signify Lady. Also I don’t like Michael, not sure why but I've never liked that title.

In accordance with Reddit users, you can find many hundreds of moms and dads who may have fallen into this yoonique baby naming trap. It is possible that some buyers could possibly be lying or exaggerating considering the fact that this is the net, In fact, but I prefer to believe that them.

Eugh. How come these individuals breed. I have heard a great deal of terrible names due to the fact coming to CoM, particularly around the teenage mothers/youthful mothers community. I signify come on, they are not EVEN REAL NAMES. Or the those who intentionally misspell a name like "Annibel" for Annabelle. Shoot me now.

January 2nd, 2011 at 8:41 pm i prefer to be known as Vonnie but my identify is Veronica, that means genuine picture and everyone thinks of Veronicas as jerks and b-witches. i despise Bertha and Jenny. Jennifer is a good name however. i dont genuinely much like the names like Hope and Religion cause it will take away the which means of the true word.

Exact same with Renesmee, but I'm able to’t think that people will really prefer to give that name to their daughter. It’s laughable even to get a reserve character, and I think if I ever meet up with a real Renesmee… I’ll almost certainly cry, haha.

In the event the US parenting Web-site BabyCentre's list of baby title traits for 2013 is something to go by, we've been taking our need to be found - and possess our youngsters discovered - pretty much in fact.

It's possible you'll Consider it stands out through the norm, but once you connect more info with Keightlynne’s name out during the playground, every Caitlin/Kaitlyn/Katelen will probably arrive operating too!

May well 2015 DH delivers loads of babies with out there names. I will check with him to remind me of some... Whenever he will get to go away the clinic

Positive, it is different, although not in a good way. You don’t want your Chardonnay being consuming an excessive amount of Chardonnay due to identify her moms and dads gave her!!

May well 20th, 2010 at 3:01 pm someone I am aware named her son Beckham because “it’s just so GQ” (very seriously). and his last name commences w a B and has A different B in the middle! and his sister’s name is actually a renowned city in the united kingdom.

We more info feel that the mom and dad had been massive lovers of Ed Harris they made a decision to title their baby after the 2008 movie of exactly the same identify.

A mother named her son Mazen for the reason that she felt ‘mazen when he was born’. By mazen, she means ‘incredible’. For your nickname, she will shorten it for Maze. Very poor child will continue being a thriller during his daily life.

I also definitely don’t like names that SOUND infantile. These names usually close within an “-ee” audio. How can a guardian count on their child ever to be taken very seriously being an adult with a primary title that feels like a pet name? *sigh*

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